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Accidents in Southwest Philadelphia

With a population of over 80,000, Southwest Philadelphia has hosted many immigrant and refugee populations over the course of its history. It is also home to many industrial buildings, including oil refineries, in addition to being the location of the Philadelphia International Airport.

Formerly known as Kingsessing Township, Southwest Philadelphia was, at one time, mostly a rural area, with many farms and orchards that stretched out along the countryside. It is still home to Bartram’s Garden, the oldest botanical garden in North America.

The majority of roadways in Southwest Philly are residential streets and smaller intersections. Below is a map showing vehicle accidents in Southwest Philly in 2013 (including motorcycles, small and heavy trucks, SUV’s, buses and other vehicles). Notice the high concentration of more serious accidents that occurred along 54th Street.

Southwest Philadelphia Map 1

Here are the bicycle accidents in Southwest Philadelphia that occurred in 2013:

Southwest Philadelphia Map 2

This map shows pedestrian accidents that occurred in Southwest Philadelphia in 2013.

Southwest Philadelphia Map 3

Patrol districts serving Southwest Philly are the 12th and 6th.

Injured persons are eligible to receive reports on accidents in Philadelphia. You can file reports and request information here:

Live traffic map of Philadelphia:

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