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Electric scooters are popping up in cities all over the United States as a fun, convenient and low-cost car alternative that reduces pollution and provides transportation for people in areas where public transportation is hard to find. Philadelphia has moved closer to joining the scooter craze, as scooter supporters and lobbyists attempt to get the City […]

Will More Traffic Cops Make Philly's Roads Safer?

Anyone driving in downtown Philly knows that traffic and congestion is horrendous.  Not only is there more gridlock, but we’re seeing more crashes. Last year, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia reported 103 traffic fatalities —including eight children. Despite these problems, a count of police citations shows that enforcement of traffic law has been declining in […]

Distracted driving car accidents

Smartphones are fun and make our lives easier, but our addiction to them has put us at a significantly higher risk of dying in a car crash. With new technology constantly emerging, there are more and more temptations to use phones for texting, browsing the internet, navigation, audio, and music — all activities that dangerously […]

Nursing home abuse

When we place a loved one in a nursing home or other long-term care facility, we expect that the individual will be cared for professionally and competently. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, and patients’ safety may be threatened, or they may be neglected, mistreated or even abused. Problems with nursing homes occur all too […]

defective knee replacement can cause more harm than good

When surgically implanted medical devices work well, they help make people’s lives better; but these devices can do serious damage when something goes wrong. Medical devices such as pacemakers, hip and knee replacements, breast implants, heart stents, transvaginal mesh, drug pumps, and metal rods that stabilize spines and broken bones can cause injuries and even […]

Baby wrongful death

Why is it still on the market? Consumer Reports asked this very important question when reporting the findings of its investigation of dozens of infant deaths related to Fisher-Price’s Rock ‘n Play sleeper. On April 5, after Consumer Reports asked for comment about their then-ongoing investigation, the federal government and Fisher-Price issued only a warning about the sleep […]

April is distracted driving awareness month

Modern devices such as cell phones, dashboard touchscreens, voice commands and other technologies we use in cars are convenient, but they compete for our attention while driving, and the distractions they create pose a threat to the safety of all motorists. Unfortunately, distracted driving is a dangerous epidemic on America’s roadways. Every day, at least […]

Food Poisoning at Pennsylvania Farmers Markets

Farmers markets offer food that is fresh and produced locally, but that food can give you a wicked case of food poisoning. In fact, a Penn State University study published Nov. 1 in Food Protection Trends evaluated how safely vendors handled food at more than 40 Pennsylvania farmers markets and found that many didn’t follow […]

Electronic Scooters Are More Dangerous Than You Think

Are Scooters Dangerous? Electronic scooters are a hot new way to get around town, but they also are a way to wind up in the hospital. Injuries from scooter accidents are often serious, and some have even led to death. Dockless electric scooters are useful because they can be picked up and discarded almost anywhere […]

March is TBI Awareness Month

Brain injuries are among the most devastating injuries to humans, since the brain controls our ability to function in every area of life, from thought processes to breathing. The brain is delicate and sensitive; and although it is protected by the skull, it can damage easily.  When the brain is injured, any part of ability […]