Roosevelt Boulevard Updates Could Save Lives

About 90,000 vehicles travel along Roosevelt Boulevard in a day, so it’s no surprise that this busy 12-lane road is the scene of numerous traffic crashes. Between 2012 and 2016, 63 crashes occurred at Roosevelt’s intersections with Summerdale Avenue and Adams Avenue, and of nine fatal crashes in 2017, seven involved pedestrians. Hopefully, Philadelphians traveling […]

Silence Is Golden: How Talking Affects Driving

A recent analysis of 93 research papers confirms that engaging in conversation – either on a cellphone or with passengers – impairs a driver’s focus and reaction time. The analysis published in the journal Human Factors found that drivers talking on cellphones were less likely to look to the left and right or in their […]

Why Self-Driving Cars Still Have a Long Way to Go

Motor vehicle crashes in the United States claimed more than 40,000 lives in 2017, according to the National Safety Council. Many serious and fatal crashes involve some type of driver error – speeding, inattention, or driving while intoxicated, for example. Self-driving vehicles might be able to drastically reduce injuries and fatalities by eliminating the crash […]

10 Reasons Why You Might Consider Hiring a Medical Malpractice Attorney

People often don’t understand the importance of attorneys until they need one. Once someone is thrown into the legal system or needs compensation for a serious injury, they often realize that having a skilled, experienced legal advocate can make a significant difference in their personal lives. There are many benefits to hiring an attorney after […]

Who Has the Right of Way?

Almost every driver has had this experience: You arrive at a four-way stop at the same time another car arrives at the stop from a different direction, and a moment of confusion ensues as each driver tries to remember who has the right of way. The correct answer is: Drivers should yield to the car […]

A report released in February revealed that in an average week, more than 179,000 nursing home residents in the United States receive antipsychotic medication, even though they have no diagnoses that would justify the use of those medicines. Most of those people have Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, according to the report from […]

Many crashes in which a tractor-trailer strikes a vehicle from behind are fatal, because a typical passenger car can crumple upon impact. Motorists who survive being rear-ended by a tractor-trailer often face a long recovery, and some may never recover. Spinal injuries, fractures, traumatic brain injuries, and severe psychological trauma are just some of the […]

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fiber that is strong and heat-resistant, which is why manufacturers use it to make insulation. It is also a substance that’s known to cause cancer. At one point, most products containing asbestos were banned in the United States. But in 1991, a court vacated the sweeping ban on asbestos, […]

Marijuana Plants

A new study reveals that the risk of dying in a traffic crash increases about 12 percent on April 20. Among some circles, that day is known as 4/20 – a holiday in honor of marijuana. Using 25 years of crash data, researchers at Canada’s University of British Columbia looked at the number of crashes […]

Silhouette of Person With Brain Waves in Background

Every March, the Brain Injury Association of America conducts a public outreach campaign as part of Brain Injury Awareness Month. The campaigns have a specific focus for three consecutive years, and this year marks the beginning of the “Change Your Mind” campaign. The BIAA this year will highlight the fact that abusing opioid medications can […]