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Sadly, cases of urgent care malpractice are not uncommon. In our overstrained healthcare system, more and more people are visiting urgent care clinics. They turn to clinics when they can’t get appointments with their regular doctors or they need help outside of regular office hours. While people trust these clinics to treat their illnesses and […]

Some of us can still remember the family doctor’s coming to our home with a little black bag and curing us with compassion, personal contact and concern, and probably a shot of penicillin.  Those days are long gone, with changes affecting clinical practice that include new payment and delivery approaches, electronic health records, patient portals, […]

Philadelphia is inundated with distracted drivers, and that means more crashes, injuries, and deaths for all motorists. A new report conducted by Root Insurance Company, in honor of National Distracted Driver Awareness month, reveals that Philadelphia ranked as the third-worst city in the country when it comes to distracted driving, and Pennsylvania ranked as the fourth-least-focused state […]

Hearing loss is the leading cause of disability among veterans. This condition makes life very difficult for sufferers, leading to impaired work capacity, an inability to sleep and a persistent, sometimes debilitating condition known as tinnitus. Sadly, many servicemembers are suffering from hearing loss because they trusted a device provided to them during their time […]

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Americans expect that government agencies such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) protect us from dangerous and defective products, but that doesn’t always happen. Unfortunately, there is a law that protects manufacturers of dangerous products and increases the chances of injury or even death for those who use them. Section 6(b) of the Consumer […]

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You can be seriously injured in an accident anywhere, and injuries may cause permanent medical conditions and problems that may last a lifetime. To prevent devastating injuries, the National Safety Council (NSC) has designated June as National Safety Month, with the focus on reducing leading causes of injury and death at work, on the road […]

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  What if Car Insurance Doesn’t Cover Costs? After a car crash, bills mount up rapidly. Your vehicle may be totaled or need major repairs, and your medical bills may be astronomical. If you have had serious injuries, you will have expenses for an ambulance, emergency room and hospitals, diagnostic tests, medications, and doctor and […]

Traffic congestion in Philly is so bad that the American Transportation Research Institute ranked the Schuylkill Expressway-Vine Street Expressway in their 2019 list of “Top 100 Truck Bottlenecks” in the nation. During rush hour, ATRI says, average speeds there dropped 5.88% from 2018 to 2019. Traffic backups are annoying and bad for your health, and […]

Ride-share services like Uber and Lyft are a popular way to get around Philadelphia, but passengers using them should exercise caution for their own safety. There have been several ride-share-related crimes reported in Philly in the last two years that include sexual assaults. The safety issue was brought to public attention recently when 21-year-old Samantha […]

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Roadside emergencies with responders’ lights flashing and sirens roaring may be fascinating, but when drivers take pictures of the emergency, they create a dangerous situation and can become the next victim of a crash. A recent survey by the National Safety Council and the Emergency Responder Safety Institute revealed that 71% of U.S. drivers take photos […]