Seniors are often frail, vulnerable, suffering from dementia, and may not be able to defend themselves, so it’s not surprising that they can easily become victims of elder abuse.  Elder abuse occurs when someone harms, neglects or exploits an older or care-dependent person. Unfortunately, crimes against the elderly are increasing in Pennsylvania. Caseworkers handled nearly […]

Traditional retail stores suffer, while online sellers do more business every day. All those packages going to customers need to get there somehow. Often a big part of the trip is fulfilled by semi-trucks criss-crossing the U.S. Pennsylvania is a huge state, with major highways connecting the northeastern part of the U.S. with the rest […]

Most people have experienced and recovered from minor burns, but when someone suffers from a major burn injury, the results can be devastating and incapacitating. According to United States Vital Statistics, there are 450,000 emergency room visits due to burn injuries every year, and 45,000 of these people will be admitted to long-term care or treatment […]

Statistically, the most dangerous drivers in Pennsylvania are the least experienced. With experience, common sense and the development of courtesy to other drivers, most of these teens will drive more safely as time passes. Just like anyone else handling something potentially dangerous, like a knife, chainsaw or hunting rifle, with more experience and knowledge should […]

A Pennsylvania grand jury in August released a report of widespread criminal acts by church officials across the state. Its results were reported worldwide and inspired attorneys general and the federal government to look into the crimes committed by pedophile priests in their jurisdictions. The Pennsylvania report didn’t end the church’s problems, it added fuel […]

It’s bad enough if your vehicle is struck by another or if you’re a pedestrian hit by a vehicle. What makes the situation that much more frustrating is when the responsible party leaves the scene. This situation is becoming more common throughout the country, according to research by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, and […]

Pennsylvania drivers can be distracted by any number of things, whether that’s their smart phone, GPS, air conditioning controls or a screaming child in the back seat. What all these drivers have in common is not only an increased risk of causing an accident, but that the accident will be worse than one where a […]

Unless you’re in an emergency situation, you usually have the luxury of choosing between healthcare providers in your community. What’s one of the top considerations between clinics and hospital systems? Safety. The Leapfrog Group recently released a lengthy list of report-card-style safety grades for hospitals around the country. As a Pennsylvania-based feature notes, the […]

Since August, Pennsylvanians have dealt with higher-than-average precipitation levels across the Commonwealth. Now, drivers on the Schuylkill Expressway have more water to deal with in the form of wet stuff falling on and around their vehicles. But it’s not coming from the skies. According to a piece pulled together by a Philadelphia NBC news affiliate, […]

Update: Fatigue and Benadryl Might Have Contributed to 2017 SEPTA Crash

It’s been nearly two years since the January 5, 2017, West Philadelphia trolley crash. Many people are still talking about the incident, especially in the wake of new findings about why the collision most likely occurred in the first place. As reported in a September 2018 Philly Voice piece, investigators are considering the role that […]