Category: Wrongful Death

Some of us can still remember the family doctor’s coming to our home with a little black bag and curing us with compassion, personal contact and concern, and probably a shot of penicillin.  Those days are long gone, with changes affecting clinical practice that include new payment and delivery approaches, electronic health records, patient portals, […]

Baby wrongful death

Why is it still on the market? Consumer Reports asked this very important question when reporting the findings of its investigation of dozens of infant deaths related to Fisher-Price’s Rock ‘n Play sleeper. On April 5, after Consumer Reports asked for comment about their then-ongoing investigation, the federal government and Fisher-Price issued only a warning about the sleep […]

child injury

When a child is left unattended in a hot car, tragedies can happen fast. Tragically, a record number of 49 children died from being left in hot cars in 2018. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), since 1998, all but three states – Alaska, New Hampshire and Vermont – have experienced at least one […]

Accidental Deaths Are in Peak Season

Despite endless back-to-school sales and Halloween displays, summer isn’t over. That’s good news for the crowd that enjoys being able to indulge in balmy August days and temperate September evenings. It’s also a reminder to everyone to remain vigilant about seasonal accidental deaths. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), accidental deaths peak during the […]

A Closer Look at Pool-Related Dangers Facing Children

Maybe you have a pool. Perhaps your neighbor does. You might even have a swimming oasis that’s accessible to everyone in your Philadelphia community. After all, as of 2015, Pennsylvania was home to nearly 130,000 in-ground and almost 140,000 above-ground pools, according to figures from The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. In other words, […]

Patients’ Skepticism About Medical Treatment Is Warranted

Dr. Vinita Parkash, professor of pathology at Yale School of Medicine, recently wrote a commentary featured in WBUR-Boston’s opinion section, Cognoscenti. In the commentary, she recalls a mistake she made earlier in her career: She failed to identify cancer cells when examining a tissue sample from a 42-year-old woman. That woman later died of cancer. […]

A Mother's Story Highlights Importance of Transparency in Healthcare

Leilani Schweitzer is a patient liaison for Stanford University Hospital. It’s a job she acquired after her 20-month-old son died at the hospital, due to a medical error. Schweitzer’s son first fell ill in their hometown of Reno, Nev., where he was misdiagnosed as having the flu. When his condition didn’t improve, he was taken […]

Legal Award

Wapner, Newman, Wigrizer, Brecher & Miller is proud to announce that the long civil trial stemming from the 2013 building collapse on Market Street has concluded with a $227 million settlement, which is believed to be the largest personal injury settlement in Pennsylvania history. After only four hours of deliberation, the jury returned a unanimous […]

PA Medical Errors Lawyers

Common sense says that someone who doesn’t do a particular activity very often, especially a complicated one, simply isn’t going to do it as well as someone who does it frequently. That holds true for professionals as well, particularly physicians. While it might be more convenient to go to a local doctor or hospital for […]

Storm Injuries

On Oct. 7, at least 11 dams in South Carolina had failed after more than 20 inches of rain fell over some parts of the state in just a few days. The rains came from Hurricane Joaquin, and even though the storm didn’t make landfall in South Carolina, storm-related floodwaters resulted in at least 14 […]