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April is distracted driving awareness month

Modern devices such as cell phones, dashboard touchscreens, voice commands and other technologies we use in cars are convenient, but they compete for our attention while driving, and the distractions they create pose a threat to the safety of all motorists. Unfortunately, distracted driving is a dangerous epidemic on America’s roadways. Every day, at least […]

Electronic Scooters Are More Dangerous Than You Think

Electronic scooters are a hot new way to get around town, but they also are a way to wind up in the hospital. Injuries from scooter accidents are often serious, and some have even led to death. Dockless electric scooters are useful because they can be picked up and discarded almost anywhere in a city. […]

Philly has 4 of Pennsylvanias 10 deadliest roads

Pennsylvania roads are dangerous, and with its large concentration of population, Philadelphia has the greatest number of crash-related deaths. In fact, according to PennDOT data on fatal car accidents, Philadelphia had more than a quarter of the road segments that were among the state’s most deadly from 2015-2017. During this period, Philly had 24 road segments […]

Driving at Night

Driving at night means taking your life in your hands, as traffic fatalities triple at night, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Almost half of the 40,000 U.S. car accident fatalities occur at night, even though there is 60 percent less traffic on our roads after dark. Night driving accidents climb during […]

PDOT Winter Weather Driving Tips

Winter weather can be unpredictable and dangerous in Pennsylvania, so it pays to be prepared and heed warnings from Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). Ice and snow on the roads or limited vision make driving particularly hazardous. As a result, during the winter, especially in adverse conditions, motorists should practice basic winter driving skills and […]

Pennsylvania Truck Accidents

Traditional retail stores suffer, while online sellers do more business every day. All those packages going to customers need to get there somehow. Often a big part of the trip is fulfilled by semi-trucks criss-crossing the U.S. Pennsylvania is a huge state, with major highways connecting the northeastern part of the U.S. with the rest […]

Teen Drivers

Statistically, the most dangerous drivers in Pennsylvania are the least experienced. With experience, common sense and the development of courtesy to other drivers, most of these teens will drive more safely as time passes. Just like anyone else handling something potentially dangerous, like a knife, chainsaw or hunting rifle, with more experience and knowledge should […]

Hit and Run Accidents

It’s bad enough if your vehicle is struck by another or if you’re a pedestrian hit by a vehicle. What makes the situation that much more frustrating is when the responsible party leaves the scene. This situation is becoming more common throughout the country, according to research by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, and […]

Distracted Driving Attorney

Pennsylvania drivers can be distracted by any number of things, whether that’s their smart phone, GPS, air conditioning controls or a screaming child in the back seat. What all these drivers have in common is not only an increased risk of causing an accident, but that the accident will be worse than one where a […]

Wet Dripping Roads

Since August, Pennsylvanians have dealt with higher-than-average precipitation levels across the Commonwealth. Now, drivers on the Schuylkill Expressway have more water to deal with in the form of wet stuff falling on and around their vehicles. But it’s not coming from the skies. According to a piece pulled together by a Philadelphia NBC news affiliate, […]