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Nursing home abuse

When we place a loved one in a nursing home or other long-term care facility, we expect that the individual will be cared for professionally and competently. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, and patients’ safety may be threatened, or they may be neglected, mistreated or even abused. Problems with nursing homes occur all too […]

Food Poisoning at Pennsylvania Farmers Markets

Farmers markets offer food that is fresh and produced locally, but that food can give you a wicked case of food poisoning. In fact, a Penn State University study published Nov. 1 in Food Protection Trends evaluated how safely vendors handled food at more than 40 Pennsylvania farmers markets and found that many didn’t follow […]

March is TBI Awareness Month

Brain injuries are among the most devastating injuries to humans, since the brain controls our ability to function in every area of life, from thought processes to breathing. The brain is delicate and sensitive; and although it is protected by the skull, it can damage easily.  When the brain is injured, any part of ability […]

Kaleb Belay Philadelphia Student Victim

Twenty-five-year-old Temple University graduate student Kaleb Belay was shot six times by a Philadelphia police officer on Wednesday night, March 6. Belay was not carrying a gun; and though police were responding to a reported stabbing in the area, they found no stabbing victim. The only victim that night was Kaleb Belay, who is in […]

Burn Injury Awareness

Most people have experienced and recovered from minor burns, but when someone suffers from a major burn injury, the results can be devastating and incapacitating. According to United States Vital Statistics, there are 450,000 emergency room visits due to burn injuries every year, and 45,000 of these people will be admitted to long-term care or treatment […]

Catholic Church

A Pennsylvania grand jury in August released a report of widespread criminal acts by church officials across the state. Its results were reported worldwide and inspired attorneys general and the federal government to look into the crimes committed by pedophile priests in their jurisdictions. The Pennsylvania report didn’t end the church’s problems, it added fuel […]

Wet Dripping Roads

Since August, Pennsylvanians have dealt with higher-than-average precipitation levels across the Commonwealth. Now, drivers on the Schuylkill Expressway have more water to deal with in the form of wet stuff falling on and around their vehicles. But it’s not coming from the skies. According to a piece pulled together by a Philadelphia NBC news affiliate, […]

Update: Fatigue and Benadryl Might Have Contributed to 2017 SEPTA Crash

It’s been nearly two years since the January 5, 2017, West Philadelphia trolley crash. Many people are still talking about the incident, especially in the wake of new findings about why the collision most likely occurred in the first place. As reported in a September 2018 Philly Voice piece, investigators are considering the role that […]

From Travel to Food Prep: Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Thanksgiving holds the honor of kicking off the busy end-of-year celebrating and shopping season. Not only is the fourth Thursday of the month a treat for adults and kids all over the country, but it’s one of the busiest travel periods. In fact, AAA is forecasting no fewer than 54 million people will hit the […]

Pennsylvania Car Accident Attorney

There are many conditions that can contribute to traffic accidents. While some, such as traveling speed and attention to the road, are within a driver’s control, others, such as road condition, often are not. Poor road conditions are an especially pressing problem in many areas of Pennsylvania, where one in five roads is in poor […]