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From Travel to Food Prep: Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Thanksgiving holds the honor of kicking off the busy end-of-year celebrating and shopping season. Not only is the fourth Thursday of the month a treat for adults and kids all over the country, but it’s one of the busiest travel periods. In fact, AAA is forecasting no fewer than 54 million people will hit the […]

Pennsylvania Car Accident Attorney

There are many conditions that can contribute to traffic accidents. While some, such as traveling speed and attention to the road, are within a driver’s control, others, such as road condition, often are not. Poor road conditions are an especially pressing problem in many areas of Pennsylvania, where one in five roads is in poor […]

Pennsylvania Car Accident Attorney

Nearly every Pennsylvania driver has experienced the dizzying feeling of falling asleep or almost dozing while behind the wheel. In fact, statistics show that approximately 20 percent of individuals admit to unintentionally snoozing while driving. Whether it’s because they got too little sleep the night before or they’ve been awake for hours and hours, the […]

The Psychology Behind Hit-And-Run Collisions

If it seems difficult to imagine someone hitting a pedestrian or cyclist and just continuing on without staying at the scene, you might be surprised to learn that it happens more frequently than you might assume. According to a study from AAA in spring 2018, the annual number of hit-and-run fatalities increased 62 percent between […]

Railroads Are Dragging Their Heels on Safety System Installment

Few topics elicit bipartisan support from politicians. In fact, finding something everyone can agree on seems tougher than ever due to “line in the sand” party divisions. Yet one subject on the minds of Philadelphia and New Jersey citizens has roused the interest of numerous political leaders representing all parties: the safety of the local […]

Accidental Deaths Are in Peak Season

Despite endless back-to-school sales and Halloween displays, summer isn’t over. That’s good news for the crowd that enjoys being able to indulge in balmy August days and temperate September evenings. It’s also a reminder to everyone to remain vigilant about seasonal accidental deaths. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), accidental deaths peak during the […]

How Safely Do You Drive near School Buses?

August in the Philadelphia area brings a few certainties: last-minute trips to the Jersey shore; visits to King of Prussia Mall and other places for end-of-season bargains; and the onslaught of big, yellow school buses. From a driver’s perspective, those buses should serve as warning signs to be and stay alert. After all, each vehicle […]

Understanding the Causes of America's Troubling Pedestrian Death Increase 

Walking to work or school may no longer be the safest way to get around. Pedestrian deaths have skyrocketed in recent years, with 6,000 people killed in 2016 and nearly that many again in 2017, representing a 46 percent increase from 2009, which was a low point for pedestrian deaths, according to the Washington Post. In […]

Opioids' Role in Driver Impairment Now Rivaling That of Marijuana

When recreational marijuana use was legalized in numerous states, it became an immediate concern for those worried about vehicle operators’ driving under the influence. Now, the growing problem of illegal and legal opioid use is causing just as much concern. And the numbers reveal that it’s a serious issue. The scope of the opioid problem […]

Night Shift Workers Face Many Dangers

Working third shift might seem like an ideal solution for numerous reasons. For instance, parents of young children often find it a worthwhile decision to take night shifts so they can spend time with their sons and daughters during the morning hours. Younger professionals may discover that being willing to work “graveyard” gives them a […]