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Some of us can still remember the family doctor’s coming to our home with a little black bag and curing us with compassion, personal contact and concern, and probably a shot of penicillin.  Those days are long gone, with changes affecting clinical practice that include new payment and delivery approaches, electronic health records, patient portals, […]

defective knee replacement can cause more harm than good

When surgically implanted medical devices work well, they help make people’s lives better; but these devices can do serious damage when something goes wrong. Medical devices such as pacemakers, hip and knee replacements, breast implants, heart stents, transvaginal mesh, drug pumps, and metal rods that stabilize spines and broken bones can cause injuries and even […]

Hospital Injury

Unless you’re in an emergency situation, you usually have the luxury of choosing between healthcare providers in your community. What’s one of the top considerations between clinics and hospital systems? Safety. The Leapfrog Group recently released a lengthy list of report-card-style safety grades for hospitals around the country. As a Pennsylvania-based feature notes, the […]

Why Patients and Healthcare Workers Face Infection Risks in Medical Facilities

It turns out that the transfer of some healthcare-associated infections (HAI) may stem not from the atmosphere or surfaces of a hospital, long-term acute care facility, or inpatient rehab center, but from the actions of staff members. In other words, germs are hitching a ride on the very people who are trying to prevent them […]

Understaffing in Nursing Homes Is a Major Problem in the U.S.

It’s not uncommon to hear concerns from loved ones of the 1.4 million individuals who have been moved to American nursing homes. Among the most frequent complaint is a lack of skilled professionals available when residents require assistance. Now, concerned family members’ voices are being vindicated by statistics uncovering staffing inefficiencies at skilled care facilities […]

Does FDA Approval Really Mean a Medical Device Is Safe?

If you exhibit skepticism when you see the latest, greatest medical discoveries that have received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, you’re not alone. Many people are beginning to wonder whether the medical devices and products marketed to physicians and consumers might actually fall far short of their touted attributes. A recent opinion piece from […]

Patient Safety Organization Lists Diagnostic Errors as Top Concern

ECRI Institute, a Pennsylvania non-profit organization that focuses on safety and quality in medical patient care, lists diagnostic error as its top concern for patient safety in 2018. The Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for Healthcare Organizations 2018 is based on reported incidents, member requests for information, and input from experts. But, the report notes, […]

Patients’ Skepticism About Medical Treatment Is Warranted

Dr. Vinita Parkash, professor of pathology at Yale School of Medicine, recently wrote a commentary featured in WBUR-Boston’s opinion section, Cognoscenti. In the commentary, she recalls a mistake she made earlier in her career: She failed to identify cancer cells when examining a tissue sample from a 42-year-old woman. That woman later died of cancer. […]

A Mother's Story Highlights Importance of Transparency in Healthcare

Leilani Schweitzer is a patient liaison for Stanford University Hospital. It’s a job she acquired after her 20-month-old son died at the hospital, due to a medical error. Schweitzer’s son first fell ill in their hometown of Reno, Nev., where he was misdiagnosed as having the flu. When his condition didn’t improve, he was taken […]

10 Reasons Why You Might Consider Hiring a Medical Malpractice Attorney

People often don’t understand the importance of attorneys until they need one. Once someone is thrown into the legal system or needs compensation for a serious injury, they often realize that having a skilled, experienced legal advocate can make a significant difference in their personal lives. There are many benefits to hiring an attorney after […]