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Will Uber's New Safety Initiatives in Philly Be Effective?

Need a ride to or from the Philly airport? Looking for a quick way to get into the city without taking the train, bus, or your personal vehicle? You’ve probably considered a rideshare app like Uber. But like many people, you may be concerned about the safety ramifications. As it turns out, Uber’s CEO, Dara […]

Monsanto Verdict Has Major Implications for Those Exposed to Roundup

Could how your lawn lead to your having a chronic illness? If you’ve been a fan of Roundup, using it for years as a consumer or professional, you might want to set up a doctor’s check-up. After all, Monsanto, the maker of the popular product, was just hit with a $289 million judgment for exposing […]

Justice for Pennsylvania’s Catholic Diocese Abuse Victims?

“There have been other reports of abuse in the Catholic Church. But never on this scale.” So said the grand jury investigating the latest scandal involving abuse of children by Catholic priests. It’s painful to read through the lengthy report released Tuesday, which detailed allegations of sexual abuse committed by hundreds of ‘predator priests’ against […]

Steve Wigrizer demonstrated his trial expertise at the 2017 Annual Medical Malpractice Seminar hosted by the Pennsylvania Association for Justice on November 21, 2017 at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel. Steve lectured and demonstrated how to handle plaintiff’s expert on direct and defendant’s expert on cross examination. Steve is a force to be reckoned during these […]

PA Hospital Infection Attorney

Wapner Newman Wigrizer Brecher & Miller trial attorneys Steven G, Wigrizer and Jarad L. Silverstein are currently investigating the wave of bacterial infections that are plaguing patients of Osteo Relief Institute South Jersey in Wall Township. Mr. Wigrizer and Mr. Silverstein are representing the family of one such patient who developed septic arthritis/MRSA and ultimately […]

Legal Award

Wapner, Newman, Wigrizer, Brecher & Miller is proud to announce that the long civil trial stemming from the 2013 building collapse on Market Street has concluded with a $227 million settlement, which is believed to be the largest personal injury settlement in Pennsylvania history. After only four hours of deliberation, the jury returned a unanimous […]

Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Fatalities

A 2014 survey asking citizens of 29 countries their feelings about their medical care revealed an interesting paradox: the majority of Americans polled were highly satisfied with the treatment they received, but did not agree that U.S. doctors could be trusted. Why might people like their doctors, but view the medical profession with suspicion? One […]

Pennsylvania e-Cigarette Injury

Quitting tobacco is notoriously difficult and yet one of the best things anyone can do for their overall health. Advice and products abound for those who wish to make this important change, including behavioral therapy, nicotine replacement therapy, and medications like Chantix and Zyban. A fairly new option that has been popping up all over […]

Trains are largely seen as a safe and simple form of transportation, but the Amtrak crash late last night shows that even a routine train trip can be deadly. On Tuesday, May 13, an Amtrak train traveling to New York from Washington derailed and overturned in Philadelphia, killing 6 people, leaving many more injured and […]

Pennsylvania law prohibits the use of Consumer and Display Fireworks by anyone without a permit. But here at Wapner Newman, we are aware of personal injury cases around the country that are the result of fireworks-related negligence.