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Wrongful Death at Nursing Homes

Residents living at nursing homes rely on the proper care of the professionals working at the home. Their health should not deteriorate or lead to wrongful death as a result of negligent or abusive nursing home staff.

There are many ways nursing home negligence and abuse can lead to the wrongful death of a resident. Some of these causes include:

  • Prescribing an overdosage of medication
  • Allowing a cognitively impaired resident to wander outside of the premises
  • Failure to monitor and adequately treat a medical condition
  • Nursing home abuse inflicted on the resident
  • Failure to provide resident proper nutrition and hydration

The nursing home staff is supposed to provide care meeting the standards of the medical community. When they are abusive or negligent in their care, they can cause the death of a resident. Nursing home staff should be held accountable for wrongful death they bring about by their negligence.

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