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Philadelphia Texting While Driving Accidents

Text messaging for drivers has been banned in 39 states and the District of Columbia. It is a dangerous, distracting activity that results in deaths all over the country. As personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia, we have seen lives devastated by car accidents caused by this avoidable distraction.

Pennsylvania Texting and Driving Laws

Pennsylvania is one of the many states that have passed legislation banning texting by all drivers. This is a primary law in Pennsylvania, which means a police officer can ticket a driver for violating the law without any other traffic violation. In some states, the officer has to have another reason, like speeding, to pull the driver over.

Distracted Drivers Still a Threat

While legislatures are making great strides in protecting our roadways from texting drivers, in Pennsylvania, drivers are still allowed to use handheld cell phones. This lets their eyes and attention wander from the road. It also means that drivers are allowed to dial their phone and makes it more difficult for officers to tell if the drivers are texting or just making a call.

The threat of drivers distracted by their mobile devices is still present on our roadways and causing serious injuries and death in preventable car accidents.

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