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Between politicians calling for “tort reform” and patients’ rights advocates arguing that people should be entitled to compensation and physicians held to account for medical errors, the debate over medical malpractice can get very heated. Here are some common myths about malpractice that are not borne out by actual facts. Myth: Malpractice suits are exploding. […]

Medical malpractice and the subsequent personal injury cases can occur whenever medical professionals are involved—and now, that includes ships at sea. Until a recent ruling, cruise lines had not been liable in malpractice cases where their employees had been negligent while treating patients on board the ship. Prior to this new ruling, the only way […]

Attorney Sternberg recently settled a lawsuit on behalf of a hospital patient who suffered significant burns from an IV infiltration which resulting in scarring. The infiltration occurred because the nurses and hospital staff were overworked and understaffed. The nurses were also ignorant of the standard of care for how to monitor and access IV infusions. […]

Comedy fans worldwide – including our firm's esteemed Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyers – were saddened to learn earlier this month of the death of comedienne Joan Rivers during an elected endoscopic throat procedure in New York City.

Steven G. Wigrizer, a partner at Wapner, Newman, Wigrizer, Brecher & Miller, P.C., reached a settlement in a wrongful death and survival action against a methadone clinic. Partner Wigrizer served as the attorney for the Estate of a client who passed away as the result of a methadone overdose and a failure to provide proper […]

Medical malpractice lawyer in Philadelphia, Marc Brecher has obtained a $4.5 Million settlement on behalf of a child who suffered irreversible brain damage due to the failure of the attending obstetrician to properly interpret fetal heart rate monitor tracings. It is common that a baby’s heart rate is recorded on a continuous strip, which indicates […]

Marc Brecher represented a 66-year-old man who present to his family doctor with a swollen and painful knee. The family doctor mistakenly believed that his patient had sciatica. Two days later the patient presented to an emergency room again complaining of a swollen and painful knee . The emergency room doctor referred him to an […]

Marc Brecher represented the estate of a 51-year-old man who presented to a hospital within 45 minutes of the onset of severe chest pain. The emergency room doctor promptly diagnosed that he was having a heart attack and paged the on call cardiologist. However the on call cardiologist did not timely respond to the page. […]

When you seek treatment from a doctor or hospital, you expect to receive proper care, or at the very least not to leave in worse condition than when you arrived. But far too often, medical care professionals fail to look out for their patients’ best interests, and when this happens, it’s the victims that pay the price. The New Jersey medical malpractice attorneys at Wapner Newman represent victims of medical malpractice every day, and we stand ready to serve you.

When you have surgery, the expectation is that you will come out of the procedure better than or at last as good as before you went in. However, there are times when surgical errors do occur. 

By experiencing a surgical error, it does not necessarily mean that a medical malpractice error has occurred. You will need to show that your surgeon failed to perform the surgery to the medical community's requisite standard of care and that the failed duty directly resulted in your personal injury.