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Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Fatalities

When hospitals need to deliver medicine rapidly to a seriously ill patient, they may use a central line – a tube inserted into the heart. The medicine moves through the tube, and the heart pumps it throughout the body. This procedure can save lives, but it can also cause a central line infection, which in […]

Steve Wigrizer demonstrated his trial expertise at the 2017 Annual Medical Malpractice Seminar hosted by the Pennsylvania Association for Justice on November 21, 2017 at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel. Steve lectured and demonstrated how to handle plaintiff’s expert on direct and defendant’s expert on cross examination. Steve is a force to be reckoned during these […]

PA Postpartum Malpractice Lawyer

The United States has the highest maternal mortality rate among affluent nations. Every year, about 50,000 women suffer from severe complications of pregnancy, and about 700 women die from complications. A new study has revealed one of the possible reasons for the high maternal mortality rate: Nurses may be unaware of the dangers mothers face […]

Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Lawyer

A recent survey revealed that many nurses in Pennsylvania are unhappy in their jobs. The Pennsylvania Association of Nurses and Allied Professionals conducted the survey and found that the top complaint in the profession is understaffing – a problem which increases caseloads for nurses and undermines patient safety. Inadequate staffing in the nursing profession isn’t […]

PA Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine recently released findings of a study that found a 200 percent increase in recurrent Clostridium difficile infections, between 2001 and 2012. Known familiarly as C. diff, the bacteria that causes intestinal illness kills at least 29,000 people per year. Doctors treat C. diff with antibiotics, […]

PA Medical Errors Lawyers

Researchers at Harvard University found that between 1992 and 2014, the number of payouts in medical malpractice cases dropped by 56 percent. But the average dollar value of payouts between 2009 and 2014 was $353,000 – about 23 percent higher than the average payout of $287,000 between 1992 and 1996. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, […]

PA Heart Surgery Injury Lawyer

“Infant heart surgery mortality rates.” Pretty serious subject matter, especially if one of those newborns is yours. It is difficult to even imagine how the families of infants with serious cardiac issues handle the strain and uncertainty. Successfully navigating that journey means finding a facility that offers quality care at a reasonable price. To help […]

PA Patient Safety Week

The National Patient Safety Foundation says that up to 440,000 medical patients die each year from “preventable medical harm,” and many others suffer serious, long-lasting consequences. In an effort to reduce deaths and other adverse patient outcomes, the NPSF launched its Patient Safety Campaign, which will ramp-up outreach efforts during its 15th annual Patient Safety […]

PA Post-partum Injury Lawyer

Childbirth subjects a mother’s body to extreme stress. Torn or stretched tissues and muscles are common, and with time, those injuries may heal without intervention. But some more severe post-partum injuries go undiagnosed or untreated, leaving new mothers in extreme pain. According to the research report, “Chronic Pain in Women: Neglect, Dismissal and Discrimination,” many […]

PA Surgery Error Injury Lawyer

Have you undergone open heart surgery in the last four years or know someone who has? Health officials have released a warning linking a life-threatening bacterial infection to a device commonly used during open heart surgeries. Patients who had valve implants or prosthetic product implants are at an especially high risk. The bacteria species is […]