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Although the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) still classifies marijuana as a controlled substance with no legal use, the federal government cannot force states to criminalize conduct that is illegal under federal law. Therefore, it was perfectly legal last month when Ohio became the 25th state to allow cannabis for medical use and took the country […]

PA Defective Product Lawyer

Although manufacturers and sellers are legally obligated to provide safe and effective products, thousands of people annually are seriously injured or killed by defective goods. From rechargeable batteries to motor vehicles, any product has the potential to be defective. When the harm is significant enough to raise major safety concerns, a recall may be issued, […]

PA Birth Injury Attorney

Infant mortality. There’s no way to sugarcoat such an unfortunate reality. Surprisingly, the United States has one of the highest infant mortality rates (IMR) in the developed world. Often used as a measure of overall public health, a country’s IMR is calculated as the number of deaths of infants under one year old per 1,000 […]

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It has been estimated that Pennsylvania has 2.2 million residents age 65 and older, which places the state fourth among all the states for percentage of people in that demographic sector. By 2030, citizens age 60 and older are projected to make up 29 percent of the Keystone State’s population and equal approximately four million […]

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A young, up-and-coming celebrity recently died alone at his Los Angeles home. Upon hearing those basic details, many people just assumed that it was yet another tale of Hollywood excess gone horribly wrong. However, what actually happened to “Star Trek” actor Anton Yelchin last month could have happened to anyone that drives a vehicle equipped […]

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As it does most years, summer is rapidly passing by. Already halfway through July – how much time have you spent outdoors? If you’re like most people, it hasn’t been very much. In fact, a recent study sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that the average American spends only seven percent of […]

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“Use as directed.” That warning appears on various types of medications, both prescription and over-the-counter (OTC), to help ensure that the drug performs as intended. Regulating medications in the U.S. is the job of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which recently issued a warning that taking higher than recommended doses of the common anti-diarrheal […]


Adults and children invariably look at the world differently, and we can learn a lot from another’s perspective. For example, grown-ups view furniture as providing a place to store books or take a rest or display their souvenirs. Kids, on the other hand, may see a bookcase as a place to hide, a bed as […]

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Like food and water, humans need sleep to survive. Like healthy food and clean water, humans need restorative sleep to flourish. There are a number of sleep disorders that can get in the way of quality sleep, but over the last two decades, there has been a notable rise in the prevalence rates of a […]

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There has been a nationwide effort for a few years now to educate people on the dangers of using mobile devices while operating a vehicle. Distracted driving is a contributing factor in more than 5,000 traffic fatalities every year, with at least one study discovering that there is a latency period of 27 seconds from […]