PA Cancer Malpractice Lawyer

Cancer, the second most common cause of death in the United States, is a varied disease, existing in over 100 different types. The National Cancer Institute estimates that the most widespread forms in 2015 were breast cancer, lung and bronchus cancer, prostate cancer, colon and rectum cancer, bladder cancer, melanoma of the skin, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, […]

PA Medical Diagnostic Error Attorney

In October 2015, a jury awarded $2.2 million to a Pennsylvania man in a medical malpractice case. During the trial, a surgeon testified that had the plaintiff’s spinal fracture been properly diagnosed the man would be able to walk. Instead, the fracture was overlooked, and the injury caused permanent paralysis. That case is an extreme […]

PA Surgery Error Injury Lawyer

After an airplane crash, investigators search for the “black box” – the device installed on planes that can provide clues about what happened immediately preceding the crash. Now, researchers in Canada are raising the question of whether similar technology could monitor surgeries and help prevent errors. The surgical black box is the brainchild of Dr. […]

PA Mall Violence Injury Lawyer

A husband and wife who were shot at Monroeville Mall in February have filed suit against the mall’s owners and the store where the shooting occurred. The couple claims that violence and gang activity at the mall just east of Pittsburgh had been increasing before they were shot and that the mall owners were negligent […]

PA Toy Injury Attorney

Parents want some assurance that the toys they buy for their children are safe. And it would appear that, overall, toys are safer now than they used to be. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that toy recalls have been decreasing in recent years – from 178 in 2008 to 25 in fiscal year 2015. […]

PA Medical Errors Lawyers

In Pennsylvania, when a mistake happens at a hospital or one of several other types of healthcare facilities, it must be reported to the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority. The Authority was established in 2002, as part of the Medical Care Availability and Reduction of Error Act, and its primary role is to reduce medical errors. […]

Plaintiff was a 37 year old struck by a drunk driver who injured neck with resulting headaches, treatment included physical therapy, acupuncture and occipital nerve blocks.

Plaintiff was a police officer involved in a hit and run accident who sustained an injury to her knee requiring surgery and subsequent knee replacement. Defendant agreed injuries were related to accident as well as extent of disability producing a successful resolution at time of trial.

Plaintiff was a 70 year old male rear ended in a motor vehicle accident with minimal to moderate property damage. Plaintiff suffered post-concussion syndrome revised acuity and memory. Liability was not contested – the challenge was in the validity to injuries related to this motor vehicle accident.

Intersectional collision where plaintiff sustained a fractured wrist requiring surgery and partial fusion. Plaintiff’s ability to play the piano and guitar will be compromised in the future as a result of injury.