Train Accident Injuries

If you commute by train, you may need to find another way to get to the office next year. December 31, 2015, is the deadline for railroads to complete upgrades required by the Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008. The act requires railroads to install positive train control (PTC) systems that slow or stop trains […]

Ride The Duck

In Philadelphia, tourists can take a sightseeing trip aboard an oddly shaped amphibious vehicle called a Duck. Ride The Ducks has locations in Philly, three other cities, and Guam, and other similar Duck tour companies are located throughout the United States. Some people wonder, though, whether these vehicles should be permanently placed in dry dock. […]

Recent Seat Belt Recalls

Automotive recalls are becoming more common; in fact, 2014 had the most vehicle recalls ever, with one in five vehicles on U.S. roads under recall for some type of dangerous defect. This year, a series of automotive recalls indicates that, in some cars, buckling up may not protect people from injury: In August, Ford Motor […]

Chimney Safety Week

Chimney fires can be sudden and explosive, or long-lasting smoldering fires that either burn out or seep through masonry to ignite a home’s wood frame. Homeowners may be unaware of small fires that occur high in a chimney, and those fires could undermine the structural integrity of the chimney, increasing the risk of a serious […]

Many factors can cause your car insurance rates to increase – a traffic offense, a drop in your credit rating, or moving to a different city, for example. Recently, a consumer advocacy organization’s analysis of insurers revealed a lesser-known reason rates may go up: the death of one’s spouse. According to the Consumer Federation of […]

The English language is always changing – and sometimes, not for the better. Did you know Oxford Dictionaries just added “awesomesauce” and “beer o’clock” to the list of official words in the English language? Some people might say those additions are “weak sauce” (another term Oxford selected for inclusion). Over time, the evolution of words […]

In July, a West Chester University employee tested positive for Legionnaire’s disease, a severe form of pneumonia caused by legionella bacteria. A subsequent investigation found “higher-than-acceptable” levels of the bacteria in eight campus buildings. When an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease occurs, it can usually be traced to some industrial or professional setting, where improperly maintained […]

In July 2015, furniture retailer IKEA and the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a free repair program for customers who owned certain models of IKEA’s MALM dressers. The repair kit contains hardware consumers can use to secure the dressers to a wall. The announcement came after IKEA and the CPSC received several reports of IKEA’s […]

A reporter and two security researchers recently showed that automotive manufacturers may be using technology that puts drivers at risk. Researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek spent about a year figuring out how to hack into a Jeep’s dashboard computer. They were able to do so successfully this year by exploiting a flaw in the […]

On July 26, the National Traffic Safety Administration announced it would fine Fiat Chrysler $105 million for a variety of safety violations. The NHTSA accuses Fiat of deceiving regulators about its vehicles and failing to issue timely warnings to car-owners, dealers, and the NHTSA about potentially deadly defects. The NHTSA complaints stem from 23 Fiat […]