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There has been a nationwide effort for a few years now to educate people on the dangers of using mobile devices while operating a vehicle. Distracted driving is a contributing factor in more than 5,000 traffic fatalities every year, with at least one study discovering that there is a latency period of 27 seconds from […]

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We’ve all heard the saying that “April showers bring May flowers.” (And some of us still appreciate the grade school ending of “And what do Mayflowers bring? Pilgrims.”) But May is a versatile month that undeniably means spring. The warmer, drier weather brings people out of hibernation to walk, jog, bike, and more. One of […]

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A famous French philosopher once said, “Work banishes those three great evils: boredom, vice, and poverty.” It’s certainly true that Americans work hard. A recent study found that compared to other first-world countries, people in the U.S. worked longer hours and received fewer vacation days. Adults employed full time reported working an average of 47 […]

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A 2014 survey asking citizens of 29 countries their feelings about their medical care revealed an interesting paradox: the majority of Americans polled were highly satisfied with the treatment they received, but did not agree that U.S. doctors could be trusted. Why might people like their doctors, but view the medical profession with suspicion? One […]

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Our grandparents and parents are getting older. We’re getting older. The CDC has reported an all-time high in U.S. life expectancy based on 2012 data – an average of 78.8 years. The life expectancy for females was 81.2 years, while the life expectancy for men was 76.4 years. That number is likely to keep rising due […]

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Medications are big business. The leading pharmaceutical companies rake in billions of dollars every year, with large shares of their revenue coming from their top drug brands. We’ve all seen commercials encouraging us to ask our doctors for drugs by name, and those same drugs are heavily marketed to healthcare professionals. Data compiled by the […]

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The debate over vaccinations has been going on for decades. One side champions a vaccination policy aiming to have every American child receive approximately 38 inoculation shots before age five. The other side believes this policy is deeply flawed and that vaccines are more hazardous than they are helpful. The truth may lie somewhere in […]

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Accidents involving 18-wheelers are often catastrophic, resulting in debilitating injuries and major property destruction. Victims of Pennsylvania truck accidents are left in substantial financial turmoil, suffering from losses caused by medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, physical pain, emotional trauma, and more. These costs can be extremely high, so insurance companies that offer commercial policies […]

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Most of us take our vehicles for granted. We head out the door, day after day, rushing off to work or school or the store without any room in the schedule for car trouble. Given their essential role in many lives, it’s surprising how few people make time for car maintenance. There’s really no reason […]

Training Day

April 12th, 2016 by Wapner Newman

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Trains in the Philly area are an important part of our transportation plan, but last weekend was a tragic one for Amtrak and several families.  An Amtrak train on the Northeast Corridor Line derailed in Chester, killing two Amtrak workers and injuring more than 30 people. While the National Transportation Safety Board has launched an […]